Here’s what you can expect to shop for at Stuff Clothing:

  • Women’s & men’s fashion starting at $1.00
  • Outerwear, jewelry & accessories
  • Shoes (adults, kids, boots, dress shoes & sandals)
  • $0.50 kids’ (newborn–teens) clothes
  • Baby essentials (excluding cribs or crib mattresses)
  • Books & media starting at $0.25
  • Dining wear, housewares, and more!

Here’s what you can expect to shop for at Stuff Furniture & More:

  • Chairs, couches, dining furniture (tables, hutches, buffets, chairs), office furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets), home accessories (lamps, end tables, coffee tables), framed art, holiday décor, electronics, sports & recreation equipment, kids’ toys & family activities, antiques & collectibles, and more!
  • Refurbished mattresses! Our supplier is Chicago Mattress Company.
    • Choose from 2 different styles: Classic or Pillow Top
    • Choose from all sizes: Twin, Full, Queen or King
    • Buy as a set or buy individual parts; you can purchase a mattress or box only
    • We also sell NEW Serta bed frames starting at $49.00!
    • Price for mattresses starts from $99 classic twin (mattress only) to $489 for a pillow-top king set